The Scouting Memories Project is an interactive, searchable archive website of Scouting history in the United States.

As the national repository of the BSA, the Scouting Memories collection contains indexes of 2,323 councils (existing and past), 3,550 camps (present and past), and 1,002 lodges (present and past, including camp honor societies).

Every council, camp, and lodge has a unique page to capture Scouting Memories in six categories: History, Photographs, Video, Oral History, Memorabilia, and Scout Museums.

Under development through 2024, the website is nationally-chartered by the Boy Scouts and sponsored jointly by the National Scouting Museum, the National Order of the Arrow, and the Scouting Alumni Association.

Currently Scout historians around the nation are digitizing and archiving their local historical information.

After 2024, a public interface with gatekeeper monitoring for sharing of historical information is planned. Currently the general public may view and search the Scouting Memories website at: